Teslaflex Poster System

Teslaflex Poster System is ideal for Point Of Sale displays, as it is quick and easy to change your poster displays.

Teslaflex Poster System

The Teslaflex Poster System is a two part system consisting of a magnetic receptive base sheet and a magnetised printed poster overlay.

Bespoke panel sizes can be created to suit your requirements and once the base sheet is applied all you need to do is order your next promotional posters, with no need for the added expense of an installation team.

Printed ferrous film posters are easy to roll up for storage or posting, and simple to fit and change at will.

The base sheet “Teslabase” is a high grade flexible magnet with a self adhesive backing to apply directly to your chosen surface, or it could be applied to a panel if preferred, which can then be secured to your wall surface.

Teslabase comes in two finishes, white or brown. Should for any reason your base panel not have a poster in situ, the background colour of white or brown will be on display. The choice of colour could be decided by the interior décor of the poster systems surroundings.

Teslaflex Poster Systems provide a neat, flat display without the need for framing. Teslaflex is ideally suited to POS, where large wall spaces can be used to promote products, and the advertising message can be kept relevant because of the ease with which the poster can be changed. Teslaflex can also be used for customer information display in foyers, making it ideal for use in theatres, hotels, museums and showrooms. Because size is no restriction, areas that currently are unused can be utilised as sales or information areas. Generic poster displays can be used between promotions, and specific time relevant messages can be quickly used at will, in effect the display can be changed as frequently as situations demand.

The Teslaflex Poster System give you exciting graphic displays, with the flexibility to refresh your promotions at a moments notice.