Rafa Canvas Prints

An ideal method of producing seamless one piece graphics for commercial wallspaces. Rafa Canvas Prints are excellent for large format UV printers.

print on rafaprint on rafarafa canvas coca cola wall


Rafa Canvas Prints have the look and feel of wallpaper, with the advantage that there are no join lines to spoil the finished wall design. Another advantage is that fewer joins mean less chance of damage to the edges, resulting in a product that stays looking good for longer. Printing wall spaces in one piece also eliminates colour issues which can happen when tiled wallpaper is used.

Rafa canvas prints are particularly suited to curved wall spaces, as it conforms perfectly, lies flat, and looks perfect!

A blockout version is available for use when the surface to be covered contains variance in colour and shade. The extra opacity is ideal for peace of mind, as there will be no show through from underneath.

The finish of rafa canvas is more fabric based in feel, as opposed to a smooth vinyl finish, resulting in a softer tactile effect, which is more in keeping with interior décor. The crack free top coating, provides an excellent print surface, and the media comes in natural or white finish. Rafa is tear resistant, and provides a robust solution for commercial décor projects.

Our installation team can fit Rafa Canvas Prints to commercial wallspaces nationwide. Rafa Canvas Prints provide architects, and designers with the perfect solution to dress large wall areas seamlessly.

Print surface can be as high as 3.12 mts by whatever width is required.