Printing on Perspex

Kingfisher are experts at printing on Perspex or acrylic to achieve stunning results.

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The gloss finish achieved by Printing on perspex combined with full colour graphics and flame polished edges makes this a class product for promoting your brand image.

Perspex gives you options that are available for outdoor as well as indoor use, and we can provide a fitting service if required.

Perspex comes in a variety of colours as well as clear and white, and our sales team can help you decide the best finish for your project. For instance Perspex comes in a variety of thicknesses with a range between 3mm and 10mm thick fulfilling most requirements. Flame polished edges provide an excellent finish to our projects that are not going into frame systems, and we can provide fixing ‘locator’s as well in a range of sizes and finishes to enable the panel to be secured to your chosen wall surface.

Perspex cast acrylic sheet is manufactured in the UK and is suitable for a wide variety of applications including Signs, Lightboxes, Point Of Sale, glazing and most types of fabrication. Perspex has a high molecular weight, making it very rigid and less prone to cracking and crazing than extruded acrylic. It has a greater impact resistance than glass plus it is none shatter. This material is hygienic, easy to clean and abrasion resistant.

Another advantage to Perspex is easy handling, as it is half the weight of glass. It is fully recyclable and comes in a variety of colours as well as clear. The cheaper alternative to Perspex is extruded acrylic. Extruded acrylic is suitable for Point Of Sale Displays, Signs and glazing. Extruded acrylic has excellent thermoforming capabilities and has good optical clarity.

Printing on Perspex can be achieved direct to the Perspex material or to extruded acrylic.