Printing Foamex

Kingfisher Graphics excel in Printing Foamex and related products. Stunning high resolution, full colour pictures can be printed onto Foamex up to a massive 3 metre x 2 metre sheet size!

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Our computerised cutting facility allows for accurate cutting of Foamex, enabling panels to butt up with perfectly straight edges or for added creativity, can be cut to shapes including ovals and circles.

Foamex header panels can be used in retail and commercial environments to highlight product information.

It can be cut to shape and is rigid enough to create free standing objects.

Temporary directional signage is a popular choice for Foamex as its weather resistant properties are ideal for the British climate! Digitally Printing Foamex is an ideal way to produce temporary hoardings to clad vacant store fronts in shopping centres and on the high street. The finished display transforms the store front and is a powerful way of communicating with the public.

Foamex is widely used in retail point of sale items, its durability making it a good long term value for money choice.

Applications for Foamex include:

  • Point Of Sale
  • Signage
  • Mounting Substrate
  • Exhibition panels.

Foamex is an extruded, closed cell, rigid PVC foam sheet with a smooth semi matt surface finish. It comes in various thicknesses from 1mm to approx. 10mm thick in sheet sizes up to 3mt x 2mt. Kingfisher Graphics can print direct to the surface on a UV flat bed printer. Foamex can be drilled and routed as well as cut by drag blade on Kingfisher Graphics computerised cutting table. It is also suitable for folding, thermoforming, hot air welding and hot plate welding.

Foamex comes in various grades and is also known Rigid Foam PVC and Foamalux. Most grades are class 1 fire rated making them ideal for exhibition panels at trade shows. Kingfisher Graphics can print Foamex sheets up to 3 metres by 2 metres in one pass. Kingfisher Graphics also have the ability to print white allowing the use of coloured sheets.