Print KAPA® Board

If you’re in need of lightweight, rigid and freestanding displays, then KAPA® Board is the ideal option for you.

print on kapaprint on kapa

KAPA® Board is a premium material that consists of lightweight but rigid foam sandwiched between quality chromo substitute liners. Its fire retardant capabilities combined with a smooth printing surface is perfect for your point of sale and free-standing displays. An alternative ‘canvas look’ finish is available should you wish to add visual depth to your image. KAPA® is an ideal choice for temporary exhibitions and displays where weight and manoeuvrable ability is a dominating factor.

KAPA® Board comes in a choice of 5mm & 10mm thickness, with large sheet sizes ranging to 1530mm x 3050mm. Despite being popular for its rigidness, KAPA® Board is easy to cut due to its polyurethane core; emphasising our ability to cut your designs to a variety of shapes. This characteristic makes the material a popular choice for Standee images.

Advantages of this premium, high quality product include:

  • Double and Single Sided printing options.
  • The materials excellent rigid and stiffness quality enhances its free-standing stability.
  • High quality prints.
  • Ideal for short-term point of sale displays

If you require more information about our KAPA® Board services or would like a quotation, please get in touch with our sales team on 0161 406 0992, or alternatively e-mail with your request.