Wallpaper FAQ

wallpaper faq

Where can I get great images?

Imagine a New York skyline, a tropical rainforest or stunning waterfall, transported into your workplace! Well now anything is possible with large format digital wallpaper. But where do you get inspiration from and how do you obtain a suitable image? We recommend online stock image libraries such as www.shutterstock.com as a source of professional grade photographic images. The Largest image size available is essential and we recommend talking to us first prior to purchasing your chosen image.

Will the wallpaper print look sharp or pixelated?

Kingfisher use professional grade software to enhance image clarity and enable the production of wonderfully sharp and clear wallpaper designs. Of course a very low resolution image can only be improved so much, and we can advise you regarding suitability of your preferred image.

What resolution is best for wallpaper production?

We recommend that artwork files have a resolution of 100dpi at final output size, but this is a guide only. Our design team can advise you on all technical data relating to artwork files, to enable the best possible final product.

How scuff resistant is digital wallpaper?

We recommend the application of a liquid laminate in areas of high contact or where the wallpaper needs to be wiped. The Kingfisher fitting team would apply this process once the wallpaper is applied to the wall.

Can you provide a survey?

Yes, in fact it would be advisable before the outset of larger projects. Careful measurements will be taken, along with a detailed assessment of the suitability of the chosen surfaces. It is worth pointing out that in the unlikely event of there being an issue with the application of wallpaper, other processes may be offered as an alternative such as graphic panelling or frame system.

Design and artwork?

Do you need help creating your wallpaper design? No problem, we can provide a full artwork and design service.

What finishes are available?

We use both smooth and textured wallpaper materials and would be happy to send you samples if required.

Do you install?

Yes. But we can supply full fitting instructions if you intend to go it alone!