Magnetic Wallpaper

Transform mundane corporate environments to bring a new lease of life. We can design, produce and install full colour Magnetic Wallpaper graphics to suit your identity, which not only looks great but are practical too!

magnawall magnetic wallpapermagnetic wallpapermagnetic wallpaper

Once your wall is prepared, magnets replace the function of adhesives but without unsightly marks left behind! To complement Magnetic Wallpaper, we have a range of printed products including ceiling tiles, blinds, repositionable wallcoverings and printed glass. These combined can produce a totally bespoke scheme to suit your requirements.

  • Robust wall coverings that are resistant to damage, so offering long term value.
  • Cleaner walls with no need to remove residue.
  • More creative meetings.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Impresses your clients.
  • Interactive displays.
  • Happier workforce!
  • No need to spend on furniture to enhance your workspace.

“What an amazing idea! The opportunities for adding value to conference facilities is immense.”
Donn Timmons, Village Hotel, Cheadle

“This is a great product that has revolutionised our internal meetings. Kingfisher Graphics have provided a top class product and service”
CCE Enterprises spokesperson

For more details on Magnetic Wallpaper for your board room, meeting room or office or if you just want to talk through the possibilities please contact our helpful team using the link below.