Interactive Wall Displays

Interactive Wall DisplaysInteractive Wall DisplaysInteractive Wall Displays

Interactive wall displays act as a focal point for team meetings, and can be branded to your specifications. We have created “Team Leadership Walls, “Walls of Celebration” “Working Together and Winning Together Walls” – the choice is up to you.

Interactive wall displays have a dry-wipe laminate which allows for messages to be written with a dry-wipe marker, and then wiped clean ready for the next meeting.

(TIP: Photograph the display before wiping away! That way content will never be lost.)

Additionally the wall display panels are magnet receptive, which means posters, documents etc can be held in position on the wall surface.

Any wall size can be adapted for use, and from full to partial areas used. Personalised accessory kits can be created as well to reinforce corporate strategy and identity.