Digimura Wallcoverings

“Digimura” Wallcoverings are all fabric backed and boast a Class O fire rating even when printed, making them an ideal solution for public spaces.

Digimura wallcoverings

Match personalised graphics to your chosen wall covering finish, and our superb large format print technology will bring your unique project to life!

The Digimura Wallcoverings range include:

Digimura 2.1 Smooth

Smooth with a non-reflective semi-matt finish which allows for exceptional colour reproduction and definition.

Digimura 2.1 Tactile

A slightly raised surface with a subtle cross-hatch texture, gives graphics a sophisticated and luxurious feel.

Digimura 2.1 Silk

A finish with the subtle feel of fine silk for a glorious and elegant look and feel. A classic look.

Digimura 2.1 Façade

A tactile grain texture that defuses light and visually enhances depth of colour. A high-white textured finish sharp and crisp images.

Digimura 2.1 Dune

A highly textured finish running vertically across the surface to produce a vintage feel. A sophisticated look for public spaces.

Digimura 1.1 Linea

A refined surface with wisps of texture that add a subtle effect to graphics and photographicimages. A uniform finish provides a well balanced backdrop for muted or bold colours.

Digimura 1.1 Brut

A rugged, sand blasted uniform effect for high impact graphics. A durable and dramatic finish.

Digimura 1.1 Pucker

A raised and non-uniform finish that resembles crumpled parchment. This tactile surface is perfect for bold graphics.