Foamex Signage

Foamex Signage is a very popular material to use due to its excellent printing surface and durability. Ideal for both interior and exterior Point of Sale.

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Kingfisher regularly use Foamex Signage for signage applications as well as Point of Sale and exhibition panels. Foamex signs can be secured to surfaces using Velcro, or it can be pinned or screwed into place. Foamex is a rigid material which comes in a range of thicknesses, however it is easy to cut and leaves an excellent clean edge. Sheet sizes go as large as 3000mm x 2000mm and our print capability allows for a print to cover the entire surface allowing for impressive visual displays!

Foamex is a very durable product, because of which it will often be seen used in garden centres for outdoor applications. Kingfisher have the capability to print to order and produce Foamex Signage to any size and quantity.

Advantages of using Foamex Signage.

1. Foamex Signage can be used indoors and outdoors.
2. Similar products to Foamex include: Foamalux, Target Foam, Forex.

3. Foamex does expand and contract with changes in temperature and so it is worth checking it’s suitability for external projects against other products.
4. Most Foamex type products carry a Class 1 fire rating.