One Way Vision

Reverse printed Contra Vision® creates a “One Way Vision” or see through effect and is ideally suited for premises of both retail and professional services.

contra vision contravisioncontra vision contravision

Create a degree of privacy within your building interior using One Way Vision while maximising the visual impact of your window displays. Reverse printed contravision looks great from the outside yet is barely visible from the inside. And as it is applied to the inside face of the glass weathering and vandalism is not an issue plus your window cleaner can work as normal!

Perforated window marking film introduces a degree of privacy whilst still allowing daylight in, however Contravision is most effective during daylight hours, during the hours of darkness the effect of interior lighting subdues the picture impact and makes the interior more visible. Inside-applied see-through graphics are not generally suitable for use with tinted glass, which will dull the impact of the graphics.
Full colour images and messages can be effectively displayed on One Way Vision using perforated window film.

The print process Kingfisher Graphics have the ability to reverse print contravision as the process requires layers of white ink to back up the full colour image. This is then printed with an extra layer of black ink so from the inside all you can see is a slight tint to the area which the graphic has covered. A series of dots across the surface of the material allows enough surface area for the ink to stick to while the clear dots enable light to reach the interior. All very clever stuff and effective too!

When your project is completed why not maximise the marketing potential with a press release showing your new office and new image!