One Piece Retail Wallcoverings

Seamless One Piece Retail Wallcoverings for engaging consumer wall spaces.

print on rafa

Our heavyweight, durable, fabric base One Piece Retail Wallcoverings, provide an excellent print surface for large format UV printers. The printed product has the look and feel of wallpaper, with the advantage that there are no join lines to spoil the finished wall design.

Our robust fabric based wall covering materials, including Rafa and Polycril, recreate the look and feel of the very best conventional wallpaper materials, but without the requirement for multiple tiled drops. Conventional wallpaper tiles are time consuming to install and vulnerable to damage on the joining edges. In contrast one piece wall coverings are quick to install and far less prone to damage, making one piece wall covering a better investment, aesthetically and financially.

Another advantage is that fewer joins mean less chance of damage to the edges, resulting in a product that stays looking good for longer. Printing wall coverings in one piece also eliminates colour issues which can happen when tiled wallpaper is used.

Our installation team can fit One Piece Retail Wallcoverings to consumer wallspaces nationwide. One Piece Retail Wallcoverings allow architects and retail designers the freedom to create imaginative and practical interiors.

Print surface can be as high as 3.12 mts by whatever width is required.