Protective flooring can be creative and inspiring with G-Floor from Kingfisher Graphics



G-Floor is a commercial grade flooring product that enables you to create a personalised floor display that is robust enough for heavy footfall and even vehicle traffic. This product is so much more than a short term promotional floor graphic, as it offers a durable long lasting solution for mainstream interior uses.

G-Floor comes in an exciting range of surface finishes, including ceramic, wood grain, small coin, levant, and diamond. Extruded as a clear and flexible pure PVC product, it is known as having the thickest wear layer in the industry. The reverse printed surface is totally protected from wear and tear, and the top surface comes in a range of aesthetically pleasing finishes, with anti-slip properties too.

G-Floor enables you to brand your floor surfaces with photographic images as well as illustrative tonal designs, and is a product that fits perfectly with modern needs for individuality within interior spaces.

Applications for G-Floor include: Dance Floors, Exhibition floors, Floor Mats, Foyer Floors, Lift Floors, Movie sets, Office break out areas and kitchens, Retail Floors, Showroom floors, Stage Floors, Transportation Floors.

G-Floor is suitable for use within hospitals, cinemas, museums, hotels, leisure facilities, supermarkets and homes.

G-Floor can be cleaned with any products suitable for vinyl flooring, and it can be polished or waxed in commercial applications.