Freestanding Cardboard Towers

Our high-quality Freestanding Cardboard Towers are convenient, secure and can be designed for almost any height!

freestanding cardboard tower

Kingfisher Graphics produce a wide range of premium freestanding card based products for Point Of Sale displays. Our large format presses allow for sheets of fluted display board to be printed full colour in one pass then cut, creased and folded to shape.

Our Freestanding Cardboard Tower provides impressive structures such as 3 sided “Toblerones” which can be created as well as four sided towers. Make the most of your floor space with personalised displays which are freestanding and can be viewed from any angle.

Once you receive the flatpacked display, simply fold and secure with the supplied velcro or tabs. It’s as simple as that to create an eye catching advertising message which is stable, lightweight and recyclable.