Office Wallpaper

Promote your business and encourage creativity with a bespoke environment with high impact Office Wallpaper.

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Office Wallpaper certainly has the wow factor, as the scale of your chosen image can reach from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall! Kingfisher have been producing images on large format wallpaper substrates for many years and fully understand the technical issues as well as the design possibilities of this versatile product.

Office Wallpaper can transform your reception, meeting rooms and offices with your brand and product images or inspirational messages.

Designed to meet your individual needs, digital wallpaper can be used for full colour imagery, logos and mission statements. Office Wallpaper sends out a message of pride in the workplace to visitors and staff alike, and also sets the tone for the aspirations of the organisation. You are not limited to one type of wallpaper product, in fact Kingfisher print onto several different finishes including smooth and textured surfaces. Not only that but we also offer wallpaper products with a self adhesive backing to make the application process even simpler! Of course application may be an issue to you, if so let us organise the fitting with our expert installation team.

So just how does Office Wallpaper work?

The chosen design is scaled to fit the available area. The design is then tiled into manageable vertical strips which butt together when applied to the wall, just like conventional wallpaper.


Our Wallpaper projects have been used to great effect in Art Galleries, Retail outlets, Offices, Receptions, Boardrooms, Corridors, Schools and Showrooms. In fact the possibilities are limited only to your imagination and the availability of internal walls!

Our services include

  • Design service
  • In house printing for quality control
  • Bespoke printing tailored to your requirements.
  • Choice of finishes
  • Choice of substrates

If you would like a one piece wallpaper solution without seams for your entire wall then see our one piece wall coverings page.