Shell Scheme Graphics

Kingfisher provide a customised kit framework which clads your Exhibition Shell Scheme Graphics Stand.

shell scheme graphics

The Exhibition Shell Scheme Graphics allows for seamless floor to ceiling graphics or floating effect graphic areas. The framework clamps to the shell scheme wall and is only 60mm deep thus using up a tiny amount of your costly stand space. The framework means you are not restricted to having graphic panels the same width as the shell scheme panels.

Assembly takes minutes and the framework can be broken down into easily manageable lengths allowing for easy storage of both framework and graphic, in fact it will all fit in the boot of a car! And that’s not all, storage space and doors can be created, plasma screens can be incorporated within the display and curved walls can be used as well. The Exhibition Shell Scheme framework works with Octanorm, Unibox, Foga and Syma stand systems.

Kingfisher produce high quality printed panels for Exhibition Shell Schemes which create dramatic impact and help you stand out from the crowd. Why not create a custom look within a Exhibition Shell Scheme that does not require any external fitters or even any tools!

For a quote which includes a 3D view of you proposed Exhibition Shell Scheme Graphics framework call Kingfisher using the link below.