Pop-Up Display

The complete Pop-up Display package to create a giant freestanding display in minutes!

exhibition popup display

The Pop-Up Display fold away frame is constructed from strong but lightweight aluminium. Roll up graphic panels are secured by a fully magnetic locking mechanism, and are easily mounted to create a fast and effective display. Packed away in a moulded wheeled case, which converts to a lectern display with a stylish beech finish top. Also included is a fabric wrap to encase the lectern display. Complete with two 150w easy fit halogen lamps to light up your Pop-Up Display.

This curved Pop-Up system comes in two configurations, 3×3 and 3×4. Visible graphic height is 2130mm. Double sided option also available.

Pop-Up Display

What does 3×3 mean?

The size terminology refers to the framework construction. Pop-Up frames are constructed in square sections called Quads. So a 3×3 Pop-Up is made up of a frame 3 quads high by 3 quads across, basically creating a square central section for the graphic display.

A 3×4 pop-up is made up of a frame 3 quads high by 4 quads across.

 What are end caps?

End cap graphic panels are fitted to the extreme left and right edges of the central Pop-Up framework, concealing it from view. The end caps are flexible and bend 180 degrees to connect the front and rear of the framework. Because of this most Pop-Up graphics contain the important design element within the central panels, with the end caps used to extend the background image.

 How many graphic tiles are used on a 3×3 Pop-Up?

5 tiles in total, made up of 2 end caps and 3 central tiles.

 How many graphic tiles are used on a 3×4 pop-up?

6 tiles in total, made up of 2 end caps and 4 central tiles