Exhibition Backdrop Wall

Create the ideal Exhibition Backdrop Wall you want for events or special occasions with our movable wall system.

backdrop wallbackdrop wall


This freestanding system creates a seamless Exhibition Backdrop Wall onto which you can display logos, pictures and messages. The panels are lightweight and easy to move, so the wall can follow the action from room to room, and act as a superb backdrop for all your exhibition photography.

Panels come in one metre widths and have struts to the rear to allow the system to be freestanding. Simply decide on the scale of your display and order accordingly.

In these two examples, the system was used to great effect for a Testimonial event for the Lancashire Cricketer Gary Keedy, and for a BBC display designed to allow the public photo opportunities.

Kingfisher can provide posters, window graphics, banners, and temporary signage for Events, as well as offering a fitting service if required.