Repositionable Wall Art

Repositionable Wall Art is ideally suited for retail environments where there is a need to cover sections of wall with printed images.

repositionable wall artrepositionable wall art

Repositionable Wall Art is quick and easy to apply to painted walls with this fabric based material. Repositionable adhesive takes the stress out of fitting with no need for expert support – just fit yourself! Once applied wall art media will not peel or wrinkle and it’s virtually impossible to rip. Keep the backing sheet to store the wallart print when not in use, saving money on reprints.

Repositionable Wall Art media can be used as a graphic poster, cut to any shape or as a replacement for wallpaper. Whilst it’s impossible to guarantee all walls will remain undamaged once the product is removed, extensive tests have shown no damage to surfaces occurs – even when applied over wallpaper. Printed with waterproof inks, wall art media can even be applied to glass and is suitable for indoor and outdoor uses

Key Points for Repositionable Wall Art

  • Repositionable
  • Easy to fit yourself
  • No peeling or wrinkles
  • Stays flat
  • Apply to painted walls
  • Apply over wallpaper
  • No damage to surface
  • Store for future use