Media City Displays

These Media City window and freestanding displays for the BBC look very impressive, so what goes on behind the scenes to provide a successful outcome?

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Behind every project is a well organised sequence of events starting with a site survey to ascertain how best to complete the order. We describe here an overview of the decision making process for the Window Display


The initial survey covers such points as accessibility by lifting devices, in this case scissor lifts and “cherry pickers”. Also discussed will be the lifespan of the project, and is it a short term or long term project? This will impact on the grades of materials to be used. Material tests are also advisable to check adhesion. And of course we measure ­ with the golden rule being – check, check and check again!


Working from supplied artwork files the Kingfisher Studio will be briefed on how to prepare the design for print. In this case the artwork is divided up into tiles which match the window pane dimensions.


Our large format printing presses are solvent free, and all printing is carried out in-house. Colour and resolution tests are run initially prior to the production run.

Health and Safety

Access to site will require Health and Safety documentation, along with an induction process to familiarise the installation team with site procedures.

Weather Warning!

The weather can impact on the installation of outdoor projects with high winds and rain potentially causing havoc with deadlines!


In this case the process began with cleaning off existing window vinyls. Once this was complete, the glass is prepped with a degreaser solution to allow for a clean surface for the vinyl’s to adhere to. Wet or dry application is possible, with the temperature and deadlines being part of the decision making process on which method to use. Because the Design contains clear and printed areas, application tape is used to hold the print together, then removed as the last process.

Freestanding Display

These interior displays were on display within the BBC Foyer and consisted of:

  • Floor Graphic
  • Freestanding Back wall
  • Strutted cut out characters

The floor graphics are created with a two part floor graphic system of removable Adhesive graphic and anti slip overlaminate. Once applied to the prepared floor surface the back wall panels are set up in place. The panels are printed on a flat bed printing press and then cut on a computerised cutting table. A strut system is applied to the rear of the panels, then weighted down for stability. Again the life size cut out figures are printed direct to the board surface, cut to shape and then made to free stand with a strut system Applied to the rear. Lightweight materials were used for this display as customer safety was of primary concern.