Coca-Cola Office Decor project

As an official partner of the 2012 London Olympic Games, Coca Cola required an Olympic themed area. The solution was to use Etch Glass Vinyl to create classy office decor.

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Etch Glass Olympic Rings

As an official partner of the 2012 London Olympic Games, Coca Cola required an Olympic themed area. The solution was to use etch glass vinyl to create a classy office décor.

Bespoke full colour wallpaper

As part of the decision to create themed product rooms, digital wallpaper was considered the ideal way to apply branding from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Kingfisher print on to blank rolls of wallpaper, the chosen design being tiled into drops for a custom fit, which are then pasted to the walls in just the same way that you would apply wallpaper at home.
Discussion takes place with the client to decide which wallpaper finish would be best. Choices range from glossy smooth surfaces to heavy matt textures.
TIP: Fading an area of printed wallpaper to white enables projected displays to be shown without the need for pull down screens!

Magnetic receptive wallpaper

Meetings often involve the presentation of flow charts, diagrams and key points but the problem is displaying them without the need for easel, drawing pins and lots of space! Our magnetic wall system solves the problem by combining a printed wallpaper display with the ability to fix magnets to the surface. The result is a highly practical solution which aids focussed meetings and allows for flexibility of display. Of course all the documents can be removed instantly in readiness for the next team briefing. Button magnets are supplied to hold the documents to the wall surface.

Shaped glass wall bottle display

A representation of a product bottle shape was achieved by using shaped glass. The glass bottles had bevelled edges and were produced from high quality, low iron, reinforced glass. Included in the glass bottle design are circular holes to allow for heavy duty locators to safely secure the glass to the wall. The rear of the glass is printed with the chosen image, in this case solid colours although full colour images can be used.
Using glass as part of an office display sets the very highest standard and can be viewed as a work of art in its own right. The use of locators also adds a sense of dimension to the office décor and complements the wallpaper design onto which it is overlaid.

Personalised blinds

Roll the blind down and reveal your logo or photographic image. The blinds are both practical and visually appealing as they reinforce the overall graphic theme of the room. Each blind produced was individually sized to perfectly fit each window.

Bespoke canvas

Full coverage of a wall space is not always possible or necessary. In these instances the use of giant canvas prints with sequential information to tell a story was considered the most appropriate option. Each individual canvas was sized at 5ft square.

Planning and installation

After the initial brief, outlining the client’s requirements, a site survey was carried out to comprehensively measure and photograph the project site. Quality of wall surfaces, available natural light, power sources and room sizes were all evaluated to provide the design team with the necessary information prior to final designs. Once the production of all the graphic elements was completed the fitting team visited the site over a course of several days to complete the installation. .