One Piece Rafa Canvas Wallcoverings for CAS Limited

One piece Rafa Canvas wallcoverings are the ideal solution to dress wall spaces in office environments, as seen in this recent project for CAS Limited.

CAS Limited contacted us through the website due to our One piece Rafa Canvas wallcoverings page. Their objective is to work with entrepreneurial business owners across a wide range of markets in order to help them achieve their business goals and successes.

My contact there, Hannah, wanted a wall mural of some forest trees that included a beam of light. She had previously researched the image, which we then purchased from Photolia. She did mention that she had been in contact with many other design and print companies, but they all stressed it was “near on impossible” to provide the mural in one piece… NOT AT KINGFISHER!!

Once we had surveyed the sight, the mural was placed in a very warm and cosy waiting room, with sofas, a coffee table and a book shelf, creating a warm and comforting feel for clients waiting for meetings.

Hannah was extremely happy with the results and how easy the installation was. She was that happy that she gave Cal (who fitted the mural for her) a free bacon butty!

For more information about CAS Limited visit their website