Alder Hey Hospital Wallcovering Project

One piece wall coverings otherwise known as “Rafa” wall coverings are the ideal solution to dress wall spaces in commercial and public environments, as seen in this recent Alder Hey Hospital project.

The brief was to personalise wall spaces in communal corridor areas, as well as zoned office space.

The canvas / fabric material used in one piece wall coverings has a number of advantages over traditional “home” wallpaper.

The main advantages being a robust material that will not tear like wallpaper, and a seamless display with no join lines.

The RAFA one piece wall covering is printed in-house on our large format roll to roll printing presses. Images can be unique to the project or purchased from stock libraries, either way the printed results from high resolution scans is effective and impressive.

A survey is advisable prior to the print stage to ensure the wall surfaces are in good repair and to check for obstructions and access issues.

Alder Hey Hospital Wallcovering Project video

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The rafa canvas is printed oversize to allow for trimming onsite. Even accurate measurements can’t allow for pecularities of wall spaces, we rarely find a square wall!

Once through the RAM (risk and method) and induction stage, the Kingfisher Graphics install team’s first job is to prepare the wall. This may involve sanding, and removing items such as video screens. The next stage is to paste the wall surface. The Rafa canvas print is then rolled out onto the wall surface and smoothed down. Trimming the excess image away as well as around light switches etc. completes the job.

The process is remarkably quick and many walls can be covered in a single visit.

The Rafa canvas adhesive will be dry after 24 hours, from which point it can be wiped down as required.

The tactile surface of Rafa is ideal in hiding scuff marks and finger prints, making it ideal for use in high footfall areas.

A range of images was used in the Alder Hey project to create harmonius moods within zoned areas.
The resulting personalised wall spaces are impressive to view, and so much better than emulsion painted walls!

Click on the dots at the bottom of the image above to watch a slide show of the project.