Printed Hoardings

Print direct to a variety of substrates for ease and economy. Printed Hoardings are an effective use of space for high-impact branding.

printed hoardingprinted hoardingprinted hoardingsprinted hoardingtemporary foamex hoardings

Printed Hoardings can be supplied on a variety of substrates.

Standard 8ft x 4ft Printed Hoardings panels are printed in one pass, making them quick, durable and convenient.

Dibond Hoardings. A metal substrate that takes knocks without breaking. (also known as aluminium composite) A long term solution.

Foamex Hoardings. A versatile option for short to medium term applications.
Self Adhesive Vinyl Hoardings. Useful for sticking to glass and other materials where conventional fixings are not appropriate.

Digitally printed Foamex is an ideal way to produce temporary Foamex hoardings to clad vacant store fronts, as pictured above in this recent Christmas display in Leicester. Printed in sections the Foamex hoardings were fitted by Kingfisher’s team of experts ensuring a first rate job. The finished Foamex display transforms the High Street and is a powerful way of communicating with the public.

Digitally printed Aluminium composite panels. A commonly used substrate for exterior signage projects, aluminium composite panels are robust and durable, providing a long term hoarding solution.

The panels can be printed on our in-house large format flat bed presses. Anti graffiti laminates can also be applied in high risk areas.