Billboards (48 sheet posters) are printed in-house quickly and to a high quality using waterproof, lightfast inks and industry standard blue backed paper.


Competitively priced, Billboards can be printed individually or with discounts for larger quantities. 48 sheets are supplied in 12 tiles with overlaps, install teams use adhesive paste to bond the tiles to the hoarding. Sometimes installers fit 48 sheets over the top of existing Billboard ads, which is why blue back paper is used as it blocks out the earlier designs.

Kingfisher also specialise in poster printing ranging from 6 sheet to 96 sheet, and we can also supply bespoke sizes as well.

Banner skins offer an alternative to the traditional paper 48 sheet and 96 sheet posters. One advantage being the banner skins are supplied in one piece, for more information on banner skins click here.